What Is a Classification Essay and How to Write One

At some point during their college experience, students will have to write a classification essay. Why do evaluators assign their students to write a classification? It helps them evaluate the abilities that their students posses like categorizing data based on a certain set of properties. When they read the requirements to write a classification essay, many students get scared and start thinking “what if I would ask someone else to write my paper”. Even though it may seem scaring when you receive the task to write a classification essay, once you learn how to do it you will realize that it isn’t so difficult to write it after all.

How to Write a Classification Essay

  • Get ideas

Before you start writing your classification essay, you need to think of some ideas on what to write about. It may happen that your professor asks you to write a classification essay, but he won’t indicate any topic. What should you do in such case? The best thing to do is start brainstorming for ideas and identify those which are suitable for a classification essay. You can think of any idea and categorize it in different classes. Once you have created a short list of favorite topics, the next step is to search online and see what information you can find on them. The one which returns the most results is the topic you should write about.

  • Plan the entire process

The secret recipe of a successful classification essay is careful planning of the entire process. Once you have decided which is the topic you want to write about, the next step is to think of your timeline. This means that you should think of how much time you will spend doing the research and how much you will need for writing and editing. When you receive the assignment, your teachers will also give you a deadline. Thus, your careful planning is essential if you want to meet this deadline. Moreover, when you have other assignments and obligations to fulfill, then planning becomes very important. One helpful tip is to create an outline with the researched ideas and decide what you are going to write about in each paragraph. This structure will help you finalize your essay faster and transmit your ideas in a clear way.

  • Do intensive research

Your preliminary research will give you an idea on what to write about and help you decide what topic to tackle. However, this doesn’t mean that your research is done. When you established your plan, you included sufficient time for research. Thus, once you have created your outline and decided your categories, it is time to do extensive research. This means that you should find as much information as you can about the categories you decided to write about. Moreover, you will need authoritative sources and trustworthy studies to consolidate your case. You will find in your research various examples which you can use in your essay to make it more practical and show that you did your homework.

Wrapping Up

Writing a classification essay can become a difficult task if you don’t plan it carefully. If you want to obtain a good grade when writing a classification essay, you should transmit a clear message and organize your ideas. In comparison to other essays, the classification essay takes usually more time. However, the satisfaction once you see your work done is immense.


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