Nelson Mandela once said that “If you talk to a man in a language he understands it goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language it goes to his heart”. I decided to start my article with this famous quote because I hadn’t had any better words to express how important language is for human beings.

Language is essential in our world because it is our way of communicating everything. Through language, we express our feelings as much as our desires and needs. Nowadays, words are the key to our civilization and the real proof of our evolution. All the animals and insects in the world developed a communication method, but only human beings invented words.

In modern time education, it is important and also mandatory to learn a second language too. These days, bilingualism is a skill that students are encouraged to develop. Therefore, let’s figure out some of the reasons why it is so important to learn a second language.


This might be the biggest reason of all. Globalization shows that the demand for bilingual workers is in a continuous increase. For example, in the United States, the demand for bilingual workers has doubled between 2010 to 2015.

In addition to this, big companies have gone international, banks and health insurance companies being the best examples. So, what does this mean for an individual? First of all, it means that if you are bilingual, then you have a big advantage over the other applicants. Therefore, you increase your chance to find employment.

Moreover, it is a proved fact that bilingual students who graduate have a higher salary than the monolingual ones.

It’s essential for foreign students

Today, more and more people are bilingual, because of the known advantages this skill comes with. However, the potential salary is not the only advantage you have as a bilingual.

There is a social advantage too. For example, if a student decides to go to a foreign university, then he may need to learn the native language of that country in order to make friends. Being bilingual will help him integrate better, by understanding and talking to his new colleagues and friends.

It is a requirement

Let’s take English and French, for example. These two languages are considered a requirement because, if you speak at least one of them, then there is a chance that you can communicate with foreigners from all around the world. Consequently, these languages are called universal languages.

Since they are universal, many high schools and colleges have special profiles with intensive classes of these two languages. In addition to this, there are countries like Romania, for example, where in order to sustain the baccalaureate, you will have to take an English exam first. If you fail the exam, you can’t pass the baccalaureate and enter the bachelor’s program. That’s why, in many European countries, studying English begins from early childhood. Almost all the kindergartens have an English teacher nowadays.

Therefore, learning a language is very important for your education because it can provide you with more career opportunities and a higher salary in your professional life. It can also help you as a foreign student and, all in all, it’s a must in today’s globalized world.


It’s finally that time of the year when you can forget about your assignments and classes for a little while and enjoy a quick relaxing break. Spring break is the weeklong vacation that takes place during the early spring. This article is meant to give you some valuable tips on how you could spend this free week if you are an international student.

More than half of the students choose to travel somewhere during the spring break and the most popular destinations are beaches and the mountains. So, whether you are a mountain or a sea person, I hope this article will help you decide what you want to do during spring break.


Leading the race for the most popular spring break destination among students is Cancun, in Mexico. The reasons for this are countless. Cancun has a reputation built on parties, but is this really all that it has to offer? Well, no. This marvelous city has plenty of other beautiful things on the plate, such as:

  • Its amazing beach, full of students during the spring break;
  • The significant Mayan ruins such as the Yamil Lu’um and El Rey;
  • A historical museum specialized in ancient civilization (Museo Maya de Cancun);
  • A tequila museum, to feel the real taste of Mexico.

Costa Brava

If you want to go further away and still want to spend your spring break at the beach, then maybe you can try Spain’s Costa Brava. This resort is also suitable for people who like mountains because it is beachy as much as it is rocky. The mountain scenery combined with the amazing beauty of the Mediterranean Sea will surely blow you away. This being said, let’s see what this place has to offer:

  • Sports opportunities such as golf, football or tennis. You can also take part in water sports, or if you are a bike person, you can go biking through the amazing hills of The Sant Daniel Valley.
  • In terms of culture, there are a lot of places for you to check out, too. If you like modern art, you can visit the Theatre Museum in Figueres where you can admire the paintings of Salvador Dali. Another interesting museum is the Archeological Museum in Banyoles that is situated in a Gothic palace. The architecture of this place is unique and the displays are very interesting.
  • The nightlife in Costa Brava is not spectacular, but there are nearby towns such as Lloret de Mar that have plenty of nightclubs that wait for fresh students.

Other Tips & Tricks

If you need other travel recommendations, you can always check various travel websites and see the most popular spring break destinations. It is important to prepare ahead of time if you are an international student because you may need a visa to travel to some countries. Therefore, check if your travel documents are updated before going into further planning your holiday.

Another great tip about traveling is the one regarding flights. If you decide to fly to your destination, then it is recommended to check your flight schedule a few weeks, or maybe months before the break, in order to get the best ticket deals.

On the other hand, staying local during spring break is OK, too. Maybe you had a harsh time during this semester and you need a well-deserved pause. A week unplugged from all the tension and stress is always welcomed. Take it as a chance to explore the city you study in.

In addition, volunteering is another thing that you can do during this holiday. There are numerous spring break opportunities for volunteers. Volunteering also helps you by providing some professional experience that you can include on your resume.

So, there are a lot of things to do during the spring break. It all depends on your preferences and budget. Still, whatever you decide to do, be sure to make the most of it.


Students being chased by an unknown killer, the classic wrong decisions that they make, followed by the enormous trauma that in the end may leave (maybe) only one of them alive. All these things are the perfect ingredients for a scary movie about student life. The best part is that it never gets old.

Although many of them follow the same pattern, they can still be suitable for a Halloween party, or a movie night. So, grab some popcorn and buckle up, because things can get a little scary. These are some of the most popular scary movies featuring students.

Friday the 13th

This movie’s protagonist is the antagonist and I guess you already know who I am talking about. His name is Jason and he might be considered the best horror movie villain. Besides “Friday the 13th”, he appears in various other movies, video games, and even animated series. So, I believe that anyone heard about him. He is the killer with an old-school goalie mask and a machete as his favorite weapon, and all he does is kill students. Well, he is a killer, what else is he supposed to do, right?

I Know What You Did Last Summer

This slasher film is an instant classic of this genre. In this movie, a group of students has a car accident resulting in the death of someone. After that, as the title suggests, a killer starts harassing them by sending them different messages saying that he knows what they did last summer. From this point on, the action follows the same path as the majority of student life horror films: the killer chases the students murdering them one by one.


This film is quite terrifying for American students because it is about the terrible things that happen to two American students that decide to visit Europe in an ultimate vacation. The two pals, Josh and Paxton, travel to Paris, where they meet an Icelander named Oli. From there, they go to Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, and the Netherlands in search of parties, drugs, and sex. In Amsterdam, they are told by a guy that the hostel in Bratislava is the place they need to visit. The very next day, they go there and find three beautiful women. It looks like their dream comes true, but in fact, their nightmare is just getting started.


Another classic slasher movie from the end of the 20th century. This movie is about a student girl that receives a weird phone call from a guy asking her “What’s your favorite scary movie?”. This scene really is a classic, lots of parodies being made about it even today. The guy is, of course, the killer that will try to murder the protagonist. During the movie, he will kill lots of her friends too. One more thing that is emblematic about this movie is the looks of its killer, named Ghostface.

Final Destination

Final Destination is a supernatural horror film in which its characters, who are also students, are all wanted by death. There is no way to cheat death you may say, but the protagonist of this movie will try and do so. His advantage is that he can see the future, like the way someone will die. Whether this is enough for him to cheat death or not, it’s up to you to find out.

To conclude, there are a ton of scary movies that include students, but although all of them follow the same pattern, they are special, original and have become instant classics.