Hobbies are relaxing, enabling you to reconnect with yourself; not to mention that they are so very enjoyable. Nonetheless, they are a tad sneaky, as well. If you don’t direct your time and energy into pursuing them, before you realize it, you won’t have any hobbies left.

As we mature into life, our free time and availability slightly diminish. Whether we’re talking about running, exercising, guitar, drums, yoga, painting, photography, you name it – if you want to keep your hobby, you should work in that direction. In other words, keeping your hobbies actually requires work.

That being said, here are my hacks on how to make time for hobbies, when it seems that your spare time is inexistent.

1. Pinpoint where you’re wasting time

If we were 100 frank, we should reckon that we aren’t 100 productive every moment of the day. Perhaps you find yourself scrolling through Instagram, or watching Netflix, or simply doing some old-fashioned online window shopping – these things dig into your free time and eventually add up. Plus, pursuing a hobby shouldn’t be a life-consuming endeavor. At first, you should set aside 30 minutes of your time and see where that gets you.

2. Schedule your day differently

Each and one of us have a routine and a way of doing things. And, while having a routine is reassuring, it can make us get stuck in a place, making us unwilling to change and get out of our comfort zone. To that end, the next time you’re scheduling your weeks, you should try to incorporate your hobby into your schedule, as well.

For instance, mornings can be the ideal timing for pursuing your hobby. Let’s say that you schedule running or jogging in the late afternoon. Still, by the time late afternoon rolls around, you’ll definitely have a bunch of other things going on, which could prevent you from actually doing what you planned.

3. Be realistic

While having ambitious plans isn’t necessarily the wrong approach, remaining realistic is the key here, unless you want to be discouraged. To that end, if you’re juggling an overcrowded schedule, having two 30-minute piano lessons per week might be everything you have time for. So, it’s important to remain realistic and to establish targets that fit into your timetable.

4. Prioritize

Having a strict schedule can be quite stressful. And, at the end of the day, pursuing a hobby should be about enjoying yourself and having fun. It shouldn’t stress you out, leaving you energy less. Nonetheless, if you want to remain consistent, you should prioritize your hobby. That’s because your hobbies represent you, being representative of you. So, pursuing them is far from being a selfish act – quite the opposite might I add.

In summary, making your hobby a priority, adjusting your schedule every now and then, remaining realistic and determining where you might be wasting valuable time are invaluable hacks that will help you along the way. But, most importantly, don’t forget to enjoy life as it comes – hobbies included!

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