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Perhaps you would like your text mirrored, or perhaps upside down! If you wish to generate text that’s stylish and cool, scroll through our assortment of font choices and choose one which suits your mood! Photoshop’s text and layer tools can be utilized to create a few really awesome results.

curly script font

The Different Types of Writing Fonts: Calligraphy Font Styles, Hand Lettering, and More

Curious about writing fonts, calligraphy fonts, handwriting fonts, and more? In this article, we’ll explore different types of writing fonts, where they come from, and what the different terms mean. We’ll also observe some different writing font examples, like chalkboard fonts, kids’ handwriting fonts, script fonts, and others.

Fonts are a collection of letters. They are typically a graphical representation of a set of characters, all with one continuous aesthetic. Every computer likely has a collection of fonts on it; this article is displayed in a font in your browser.

In most cases, a writing font refers to a font that has a hand-drawn or handwriting aesthetic. This means it includes a lot of styles: there are many different types of writing fonts. This could include anything from informal kids’ handwriting fonts to ultra-decorative calligraphy styles.

However, you may hear others refer to "writing fonts" as fonts best used for actual reading and writing books. If you’re an author looking for the perfect writing font, you’re likely looking for a serif or sans serif font with strong readability and legibility at small sizes. That won’t be our focus in this article. Instead, we’re going to focus on a handwriting aesthetic. If you’re looking for writing fonts for your next manuscript or for long paragraphs of body copy, check out these collections. They’ve got design inspiration right up your alley.

Now, let’s dig into some of the different styles of writing fonts and where they come from. We’ll start with one of the most popular different types of writing fonts: a calligraphy font style.

How Does FontVilla Work?

You can convert normal text into fancy text. Once you open FontVilla’s website, you type the text or letters that you wish to be in a certain fancy font generator. Once you are done typing, your typed text appears in all the fonts that the website has to offer. FontVilla is a custom font generator that is absolutely free of cost and minimizes the effort that one has to put in to get the desired cool fancy text.

Once you have generated the text by text art generator, you simply have to copy it and paste it wherever you wish to use those fancy letters. The website comes with a variety of cute and cool fonts that can be used for different purposes.

On the contrary, usually what happens is that no matter how much you try to copy font and paste it elsewhere, if the software does not support that fancy font, it will automatically change the font to one that it already has. FontVilla basically does all your work for you and leaves only the copy and paste task for you.

Converts to Different Free Fonts Styles

Fonts for Twitter

Sometimes maybe you see Some users of Twitter use stylish fancy font on these timelines. how to do this? for this, you can generate a fancy text or stylish font for Twitter. like these

Fancy Fonts for Instagram

Font for Facebook

Font for Picsart

Font for Photoshop

if you are a graphic designer. you already work on photoshops to design different things. Here you can generate many fancy Photoshop Fonts for your banners, graphics, websites design, and infographic.


I would like to start off with one of the most professional free fonts on my list. Segatha is a cursive script created by Ef Studio. You can use this font every time you want to simulate a handwriting, express your romantic feelings, or create a perfect thank you note.

Alokary is a modern, easily readable sans script by Hishand-Studio. This free font is best used for grabbing attention, and should be applied to short notes and large headlines.

Premium Calligraphy fonts

Oppy Sahra Calligraphy Font

Oppy Sahra Calligraphy Font

Learn to use a font like a professional designer. It’s easy when you know what result you need to get in the end. Choose fonts for your designs carefully. For example, the Oppy Sahra font is a good font to start with, and perfect for titles, logos, or even inspirational quotes.

Hummer Calligraphy Font

Hummer Calligraphy Font

Discover the Hummer font. It’s a perfect example of a fancy and a multipurpose font. Use it for titles, social media images, posters or materials for any kind of business where a bit of elegance is needed.

Ghost Font Calligraphy Font

Ghost Calligraphy Font

Have fun with the Ghost font. Working with fonts has never been easier. Get it now and use it for your stunning projects. This stylish handwritten calligraphy font is a perfect decision for any classy project. The Ghost is here to add individuality to the text. Ghost comes in two styles – inline and regular. You won’t have a problem working with this font on any kind of software.

Callem Script Font free calligraphy fonts

Callem Script Font

How do you choose the right font? Make sure it’s not distracting but helps you to attract people’s attention to the main story. I would recommend this elegant font for logos, titles, a music album cover, or maybe a book cover.

Southampton Signature Style Font

Southampton Signature Style Font


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