Ever since we’ve started this blog, we’ve been receiving a bunch of questions over and over again. To that end, we thought we’d make it easier for both parts by posting our answers in this specially designated FAQ question. Here we go:

How can I write better essays?

As you already know, writing essays is a big part of each college experience. And these assignments keep getting more complex and difficult by the year. The key to consistently improving your essay writing is by focusing on the structure of the essay, on developing a strong thesis, and to have a natural flow. In other words, the ideas should come in logical order, so that your piece is organized and the transition between paragraphs is made smoothly. Creating an outline beforehand can seriously help you in this respect.

How to stop procrastinating and study more efficiently?

Each student reaches a phase when procrastination is imminent. However, battling it is possible, and you can do that by following a bunch of quintessential steps. For starters, you should divide your larger tasks into smaller tasks. In this way, you won’t be taken aback by the length of the project, and you’ll be more likely to get to work. Another efficient strategy is to eliminate distractions – when it’s time to study, you should do that, and that only. You shouldn’t make unrealistic targets, as doing so will only get you discouraged.

How can I handle college and having a part-time job?

If you’re thinking of taking out a part-time job as a student, you should plan ahead, and determine whether you’ll be able the tackle the responsibilities that come with each. Ideally, you shouldn’t commit to working long hours right away. Additionally, you should discuss with your teachers in order to establish if having a job will distract you from your goal – getting the best higher education. Aiming at enhancing your organizational skills is the key to tackling a job and college. But it also means sacrificing your spare time.

How can I enhance my time management skills?

We could argue that having time management skills is of crucial importance, for students in particular. Time is the most valuable thing we’re given, and we should use it wisely. Using a planner can come in handy, and it has helped many students become more organized. Additionally, focusing on one task at a time is quite helpful, since multitasking isn’t the right approach for every student out there.

If you have any other question you’d like to ask us, feel free to do so!