Critical Thinking Is Crucial in Essay Writing

Critical thinking is the in-depth, objective, and thorough analysis of information and issues to arrive at various conclusions, judgments, and assessments. It involves a systematic approach that factors in all facts and figures and relevant information about a particular issue, and whereby this information is objectively and carefully looked into in a bid to generate accurate assessments and findings.

Critical thinking in essay writing involves some steps, including analyzing the topic and as well as all relevant information regarding the subject and coming up with objective points that will help build the essay. Critical thinking aims to bring up an analytical assessment of the topic in question and also helps to raise the level of objectivity of the essay.

Focus on the Central Theme or Argument

Critical thinking in essay writing starts from the central theme or the main argument of the essay. You have to ensure that you have a starting point, which, in essay writing, often boils down to the central theme or argument.

When you have a central theme, you can afterward start building your case. You have an argument that you can work on and research on. In such a scenario, you should ensure that you gather the relevant facts that will help inform your essay.

Availing All Relevant Material

Critical thinking is a step by step endeavor. Given that it is more of an analytical and systematic approach, then it is vital to ensure that all relevant material is present so that there can be proper analysis.

Availing all the facts and figures is a crucial step to achieving objectivity since there is a proper representation of the situation before you or the topic in question with the available facts and figures. When writing an essay, therefore, you need to ensure that you have all the facts and figures before you. Afterward, you have to ensure that you digest these facts and figures so that you can generate analytical and objective findings that will help in the essay-writing process.

Synthesize Your Findings in a Thesis Statement

Critical thinking in essay writing involves a series of analytical steps in a bid to arrive at objective outcomes or findings. When you have all the relevant facts and figures before you, you must give them a keen look and analyze as well as assess them carefully.

This will allow you to come up with some baselines that will help you in creating a thesis that will mostly be the guide or the compass of your essay. If you are asking, “who can write my essay,” you can surf the web for reputable writing services.


It is essential to know about the context of an essay before you embark on the writing process. Critical thinking helps to set you in a path that allows you to objectively and analytically assess all facts before you and arrive at a conclusion. Critical thinking also allows you to contextualize properly and adequately understand the factors, aspects as well as forces at play. It is worth noting that understanding the context of the theme also allows you to analyze the facts and figures in ways that are relevant to the topic and the theme as well.


The critical thinking process is incomplete without a review or reviews. After gathering all relevant facts and synthesizing findings, it is important to embark on a process of review. Since critical thinking is about objectivity, review helps to ensure that you have got all your details in order and accurately.

The review also eliminates any possible errors that could be in the results, thus ensuring that your essay is clean and has an accurate representation of facts and figures.

In summary, critical thinking is a process that aims at bringing up analytical and objective outcomes from a thorough analysis process. When it comes to essay writing, critical thinking is more of a step by step process that endeavors to arrive at well-researched, well-written, analytical as well as objective content that accurately represents the topic in question.

What Is a Classification Essay and How to Write One

At some point during their college experience, students will have to write a classification essay. Why do evaluators assign their students to write a classification? It helps them evaluate the abilities that their students posses like categorizing data based on a certain set of properties. When they read the requirements to write a classification essay, many students get scared and start thinking “what if I would ask someone else to write my paper”. Even though it may seem scaring when you receive the task to write a classification essay, once you learn how to do it you will realize that it isn’t so difficult to write it after all.

How to Write a Classification Essay

  • Get ideas

Before you start writing your classification essay, you need to think of some ideas on what to write about. It may happen that your professor asks you to write a classification essay, but he won’t indicate any topic. What should you do in such case? The best thing to do is start brainstorming for ideas and identify those which are suitable for a classification essay. You can think of any idea and categorize it in different classes. Once you have created a short list of favorite topics, the next step is to search online and see what information you can find on them. The one which returns the most results is the topic you should write about.

  • Plan the entire process

The secret recipe of a successful classification essay is careful planning of the entire process. Once you have decided which is the topic you want to write about, the next step is to think of your timeline. This means that you should think of how much time you will spend doing the research and how much you will need for writing and editing. When you receive the assignment, your teachers will also give you a deadline. Thus, your careful planning is essential if you want to meet this deadline. Moreover, when you have other assignments and obligations to fulfill, then planning becomes very important. One helpful tip is to create an outline with the researched ideas and decide what you are going to write about in each paragraph. This structure will help you finalize your essay faster and transmit your ideas in a clear way.

  • Do intensive research

Your preliminary research will give you an idea on what to write about and help you decide what topic to tackle. However, this doesn’t mean that your research is done. When you established your plan, you included sufficient time for research. Thus, once you have created your outline and decided your categories, it is time to do extensive research. This means that you should find as much information as you can about the categories you decided to write about. Moreover, you will need authoritative sources and trustworthy studies to consolidate your case. You will find in your research various examples which you can use in your essay to make it more practical and show that you did your homework.

Wrapping Up

Writing a classification essay can become a difficult task if you don’t plan it carefully. If you want to obtain a good grade when writing a classification essay, you should transmit a clear message and organize your ideas. In comparison to other essays, the classification essay takes usually more time. However, the satisfaction once you see your work done is immense.


Five Strategies of Critical Thinking That Will Help in Your Study

One of the greatest gifts given to man is the brain. This is the focal point for thought processes. Using the brain people can build and bring down nations to their feet. Even with every human being has a unique way of thinking. The results of the brain are merely good and bad things witnessed today. One of the best abilities one can develop in their lives today is critical thinking, you can read about meaning of it in the critical thinking essay. Students that use critical thinking will always come at the top of class thanks to the unique way they can look and information and even rationalize it. Students can also develop their skill of critical thinking in many ways to support their studies. I am willing to share the strategies of critical that can help students through their learning experience as follows:

Prioritize Tasks to Think About

Critical thinking is a precursor to success. For a student to become a better critical thinker, they have to focus their mind on a specific task.  Focus not only enables students to think clearly about the tasks at hand but also to solve that task. There could be many tasks to be handled, but a broadcast way of handling things never works in education.

Doing all tasks at the same time is not an enjoyable practice. Give the mind the ability to enjoy what it is doing. Handle a job after another, and you will realize that you can handle both exhaustively and correctly. Prioritizing means you start from the most crucial task downwards. Do not spend all your time and energy on easy-to-do tasks; they will wear you down leaving tired and unable to think through an easy task.

Using the Right Equipment of Study

Technology is an outcome of critical thinking. It makes work easier and inspires speed and technical practices to make things work.  Why am I saying this? Students today know of technology more than they know their lives.  The brain needs to be activated right from the hands to the keyboard and mouse.

A shift from contemporary ways of learning and complement learning with ICTs. Help fix a computer, a projector, set up a video conference, or take the rest of your class through the manual. Such involvement engages your brains in an active process whereby thinking works, and studying becomes easy because you initiate yourself into the studying process.

Proactive Learning

You are in control of your outcomes. The teacher puts you through a strict system, and your head is conditioned to think in that straightforward way. Does this improve your thinking and make studying easy for you?

Sometimes the orthodox forms of doing things work. Do not forget what you have learned in class; find a different way of doing the same things and understand them in your way. This way you make your brain flexible to think of things uniquely in other words creatively. Studying can get comfortable for you if you do it proactively.

Collaboration With Others

Through others, we become better critical thinkers. Group studies will often make study easy for some people. Listening to a colleague talk of a particular concept can end up giving you a dig into the way they are thinking. If that student is a better critical thinker, then your thinking is changed.

Collaboration with other students also allows students to be better thinker by developing new perspectives. We do not read the same books, watch the same programs, possess the same mentors or even study motivations. The way we are disposed of differs amongst our colleagues and therefore a new way of looking at issues by a friend can change our thinking making studies easy.

Take Breaks

Many people believe that working for more hours will get them to their desired life destinations that they do not have the time to rest. Critical thinking has multiple advantages apart from making studying easy.  Occasionally we get tired, our brains get tired, and we cannot complete tasks correctly. Things get hard to figure out because our minds cannot function optimally. An excellent critical thinker knows that resting works. If the brain rests, it can work well enough and give the desired outcomes.

In conclusion, critical thinking is an important skill any student needs to develop. If you already have it, all that remains is sharpening it so that it gets you what you want. There are many ways of making your critical thinking work for you. The above strategies are but a few. Take advantage of them and become a better critical thinker.



Hobbies are relaxing, enabling you to reconnect with yourself; not to mention that they are so very enjoyable. Nonetheless, they are a tad sneaky, as well. If you don’t direct your time and energy into pursuing them, before you realize it, you won’t have any hobbies left.

As we mature into life, our free time and availability slightly diminish. Whether we’re talking about running, exercising, guitar, drums, yoga, painting, photography, you name it – if you want to keep your hobby, you should work in that direction. In other words, keeping your hobbies actually requires work.

That being said, here are my hacks on how to make time for hobbies, when it seems that your spare time is inexistent.

1. Pinpoint where you’re wasting time

If we were 100 frank, we should reckon that we aren’t 100 productive every moment of the day. Perhaps you find yourself scrolling through Instagram, or watching Netflix, or simply doing some old-fashioned online window shopping – these things dig into your free time and eventually add up. Plus, pursuing a hobby shouldn’t be a life-consuming endeavor. At first, you should set aside 30 minutes of your time and see where that gets you.

2. Schedule your day differently

Each and one of us have a routine and a way of doing things. And, while having a routine is reassuring, it can make us get stuck in a place, making us unwilling to change and get out of our comfort zone. To that end, the next time you’re scheduling your weeks, you should try to incorporate your hobby into your schedule, as well.

For instance, mornings can be the ideal timing for pursuing your hobby. Let’s say that you schedule running or jogging in the late afternoon. Still, by the time late afternoon rolls around, you’ll definitely have a bunch of other things going on, which could prevent you from actually doing what you planned.

3. Be realistic

While having ambitious plans isn’t necessarily the wrong approach, remaining realistic is the key here, unless you want to be discouraged. To that end, if you’re juggling an overcrowded schedule, having two 30-minute piano lessons per week might be everything you have time for. So, it’s important to remain realistic and to establish targets that fit into your timetable.

4. Prioritize

Having a strict schedule can be quite stressful. And, at the end of the day, pursuing a hobby should be about enjoying yourself and having fun. It shouldn’t stress you out, leaving you energy less. Nonetheless, if you want to remain consistent, you should prioritize your hobby. That’s because your hobbies represent you, being representative of you. So, pursuing them is far from being a selfish act – quite the opposite might I add.

In summary, making your hobby a priority, adjusting your schedule every now and then, remaining realistic and determining where you might be wasting valuable time are invaluable hacks that will help you along the way. But, most importantly, don’t forget to enjoy life as it comes – hobbies included!


Teaching is as challenging as it can get, and getting your students’ attention is, perhaps, one of the greatest challenges. At the end of the day, you’re competing against the modern-day distractions. While it is difficult to accomplish that, it is far from being impossible. We will talk about three strategies that should come in handy.

Embrace an original style

Take a moment and think about the greatest teachers you’ve had – what do they have in common? For one thing, they have a unique, individual teaching style that separates them from the crowd – are you with me? There is no fixed pattern out there that will work for each teacher out there, and you should reckon this. Imitating someone won’t aid you to achieve the results you want.

When you don’t try to copy someone else, you can actually embrace an original style, which will allow you to connect with your students differently. This is the key to establishing a bond with your class, which can help you in getting their attention and interest during class.

Have a positive approach

Did you ever notice that the teachers who use fear and negativity as a means of controlling their students don’t accomplish long-lasting results? Ok, perhaps they might manage to have quiet lessons, but this isn’t your goal – is it?

Truth be told, there’s no wrong in saying that negativity minimizes creativity, whilst increasing the fear of failure. On the opposite side, good teachers motivate their students, by having a positive energy that is genuinely encouraging. As a rule of the thumb, positivity breeds creativity, so you should promote that as a teacher, as well.

Reflect on your strategies and be open to changing them

Good teachers should acknowledge that change is imminent. As a result, every now and then, you should take the time to reflect on your teaching tactics and analyze their efficiency, considering how your class reacts to them. Without a doubt, self-reflection and self-analysis are compulsory in order to pinpoint the weaknesses that could do with some improvements.

You can always go to a mentor and ask for advice or guidance, especially if you’ve reached a point when you don’t know which direction is the right one for you and your classes.

Continually adapt to your students’ needs

Typically, classrooms are similar to an ever-changing dynamic organism. To that end, each day, the dynamics, the mood of the students are different. Additionally, the attendance rooster matters, as well as the phase of the moon, so on and so forth. Therefore, you should be open to adapting and altering your teaching plans, so that you accommodate to your students’ needs. As they grow and evolve, your teaching plans should do the same. Your ultimate goal should be actually connecting with your students, which should also make you more open-minded and flexible regarding the change.

There are only some of the ways in which you can communicate with your class more efficiently. Remember, though, the key to attaining consistent results is being determined to enhance your strategies while being open to change.


One of the greatest things about the Internet is that you can get a number of services online. And the good thing is that you can also get academic assistance online, considering the growing number of essay writing services. Nonetheless, before choosing a company over another one, there are some things you should note – at the end of the day, your goal is to enhance your grades, not the other way around.

Choose an experienced company

First and foremost, the company you choose should have experience in the realm of studies it focuses on. Truthfully, this is the key to consistently providing excellent written content. To that end, you should assess the information regarding the writer’s preparation and experience level, to gauge the reliability of the firm. Of course, there are numerous companies out there that focus on one realm of study over another. So, before placing an order, you should ensure that the subject you’re interested in is covered.

Look for customer reviews

Just as you read reviews and look for ratings before investing in a piece of furniture or gadget, you should do the same when it comes to getting academic help. Still, you should make sure that the reviews you read are actually authentic and trustworthy. For instance, many writing companies have unusually praiseworthy testimonials listed on their official websites, but it is the true reviews that actually portray the reality. So, you should distinguish between the two beforehand.

Reliable customer service

As you might expect, a company that invests in the customer service department is worth taking into account. Considering that you have questions you’d like to be answered, or you want assistance, you should be able to turn to a reliable customer service agent that is eager to help. To that end, the company you pick should answer your messages right away, as opposed to leaving you hanging for an answer.

Free revisions

Even in the case of the most reliable essay writing services, there is the slight likelihood that the paper you receive might need revisions. This could occur due to inconsistent communication between the writer and the customer, a misunderstanding, and the list may go on. To that end, you should have the possibility of asking for a free revision, to get the result you are actually expecting to get. That’s why we advise you to read the company’s revision policy beforehand.

Don’t pick a service just because it’s cheap

Although you might be tempted to go for the cheaper essay writing service for the obvious reason, this isn’t necessarily the right approach. The cheapest services are often not reliable, and you might actually be risking your education by getting cheap academic help.

On a final note, if you’re on the lookout for academic help, you should definitely factor in the elements mentioned in this article. Do your research beforehand, read the customer reviews, the firm’s revision policy and the information about the writing staff, and you’ll be on the right path.