Business Budgeting for Beginners

In this lesson, you’ll begin to look at various budgeting strategies, including strategic, capital, and operations budgeting techniques. The lesson will include some real-life examples of planning activities, and to further bring these concepts to life, you’ll work with a fictional company, Curly’s Pool Service and Supplies, by helping Curly formulate some plans and budgets!

In this comprehensive, beginner-friendly course, you will learn the elementary skills needed to be successful in the budgeting process and work gradually work your way up to creating a budget. You will also discover how to best evaluate the results of your budget and make decisions to help your business maximize its profits.

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If the idea of creating a budget for your business, department, or project seems overwhelming, this course will alleviate all of those fears. Taught in an approachable and relatable format, this course walks you through the budgeting process so you can go from numbers averse to budgeting super-hero. The downloadable templates included in the course allow you to easily and quickly take what you learn and apply it to your job. The storytelling used throughout the course makes the topic more approachable and engaging so you can obtain the soft skills that will help you be successful implementing and tracking a budget in the real world. Finally, the course challenge is something that will pique your curiosity at the beginning of the course and provide motivation to complete the course and continue learning the material.

A company’s budgeting process involves a lot more than just rows and columns of numbers on a spreadsheet. The reality is that budgeting is a sometimes organic and sometimes organized process. Most often, it’s an equal mix of both in an attempt to add some level of certainty to an uncertain future. These processes are what we are going to explore in this course. You will be introduced to different strategies employed during the budgeting process, the techniques and tools that are commonly used to make budgeting forecasts, the components of a basic operating budget, and how businesses make certain decisions that may impact their budgeted amounts.

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Difference Between Online Business Budgeting and an In-House Budgeting

Several businesses are now being conducted online. E-commerce vendors, among many more, are some of the most common business owners who need an easy and efficient way to keep a budget. The result is online business budgeting that revolutionizes the way businesses maintain t budgets. How then is it different from in-house budgeting?

In recent years, businesses have shifted their budgeting to the cloud for several reasons. The most important one is the ease of access. Cloud tech makes it easy to access documents, photos, or any media stored. Ease of access means the budget can be accessed wherever and whenever provided; there are internet and a smart device. On the other hand, in-house budgeting can be a little hectic to access, especially if you are a travelling business owner. The budget books can easily be forgotten and accessing them would mean travelling back or redoing everything.

Online business budgeting is safer and more secure than in-house budgeting. What happens to your physical budget documents in the event of a fire outbreak or theft? You lose valuable information that could be used against you. Online budgeting means only you can access the budget using the internet, a smart device, and possibly an encryption key for improved financial security.

Unlike in-house budgeting, online budgeting has numerous efficiency features. For example, Excel, which is a standard tool used in designing budgets. It can sum up your numbers automatically while leaving almost zero space for error. Computers are generally smart and can handle large tasks in a shorter time than human employees would take to do the same. In-house budgeting means you will have to take days to record, calculate, and organize expenses.

Benefits of Having an Online Business Budgeting Service

Business budgeting requires care, diligence, and accuracy. A little deviation from these and your business could begin crumbling silently. Here are the reasons why you need online business budgeting to help your business’ path to financial security.

It provides incredible scalability. Not every business is set to morph automatically into a big success with fast exponential growth. The majority of beginner online business owners assume they will start to notice sales and huge profits just because they have a footprint on the internet. It is never so. Scalability is achieved by having a budget, especially one you can carry around at any time to gauge your growth.

Online business budgeting imposes discipline and deadlines on the planning process. Professional business ethics require one to be honest with their finances. There is never room for doubt about making sales, profit, and maintaining business growth. An online budget helps you stick by your plans, deadlines, and anything you would expect to accomplish.

Online budgeting services are available in numbers. You can get any on the internet for free or for a price. Business budgeting is the ultimate tool for accountability, transparency, and growth in a business setting. Online business budgeting is the best way to go for start-up businesses since they are more affordable than in-house budgeting and have more efficient features.

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