10 Best Job Hunting Websites You Can Access For Job Search

Best Job Search Websites

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Job websites serve as the modern equivalent of classified ads by compiling and listing available telecommute and local openings. Equipped with millions of listings and additional resources like career coaching, resume tailoring, and blog posts full of helpful tips, using a job website is one of the best and most efficient ways to search for and apply to dozens of opportunities.

To find the best job websites to kick off your search, we looked at more than two dozen different job websites before selecting the top 10. We made our picks after considering the number of listings on each site, ease of use, costs, advanced features, industries and experience levels served, and reputation.

Job Hunting Websites ;


This is the best job hunting websites you can ever find. A lot of people may not agree. Because they view it as a social networking site! People post photos, updates and like and comment. But what they forget to do is to look for ways to promote themselves and get themselves a new, lucrative job. Linked-In has made all the effort for you to search job quite easily. Let’s look at some of the important attributes of Linked-In which makes job search super easy.




Some of you may not like Indeed because sometimes it doesn’t show you exactly what you search for but based on its database and the ease with which you can apply for a job or connect with a recruiter are incredible. Let’s look at the advantages you will have if you use Indeed.


Shine is a good example of smart job search. You don’t need to do much. Simply upload your resume and few important fields like your name, email address, key skills, functional area, and industry. And you’re done for hundreds of jobs. The best part of Shine.com is –


If you’re in the industry for some time, you may have known the name. It’s a popular job hunting websites with a huge database and it’s easy to use. People from all over the world search jobs in Monster and Monster is very dynamic with the following features.

  • It has the largest number of job listings that means no matter wherever you’re in the world you can access a nearby job and can apply for it if you’re qualified to do so. It’s simple, easy and convenient to use.
  • It allows you to upload your resume and provide useful tips about how to make your resume smart.
  • There is a separate page called “career resources” which allows the applicants to learn more about the latest trends, how to be a better professional, how to make their resume count, to learn about new trends in the job market and many more.
  • Monster also offers networking boards which are kind of new in the job placement websites. In networking boards, you can add new connections, see the updates of the companies you follow and can also recommend your colleagues.
  • It also offers a search alert which allows you to search jobs at your own pace and the relevant jobs are sent to you via email.


SimplyHired is like a twin brother of Indeed. It contains millions of jobs and they’re accessible simply by putting the “Keywords” and “Location”. It’s simple, fun and allows you to find relevant jobs that you’re looking for. Let’s look some of the good features of SimplyHired.

job websites


If you’re by any chance is a tech guy/gal and came out fresh from the college, there are job placement websites which you would love to search jobs; because this site is specifically designed for tech jobs. It’s Dice.com. Let’s look at some of the features of Dice.com.

  • You can search jobs that suit your profile by filling in job title, keywords, company name, employment type, skill-sets and location you’re in or you prefer.
  • To upload your resume, you need to become a registered user. You can do that simply by filling in your name, email, a password of your choice and by mentioning that you’re not a robot (funny!).
  • You can also have access to a lot of articles, news, and information related to technology and how technology is reshaping the world.
  • Like WordPress.com, once you’ve registered yourself on Dice.com, you will have a separate dashboard all for yourself where you can see your previous activity.
  • Moreover, Dice.com does many surveys on hiring, turnover of tech giants, trends of tech jobs and many more which you can access even without registering yourself at Dice.com.


This is one of the most useful and often neglected job hunting websites for job search. The basic feature of this site is that it uncovers jobs from company websites for the job applicants. Many companies do not advertise their jobs in job hunting websites. It has some good features. Let’s have a look.


Many of you may have not heard about this job website but it’s incredible if you talk about jobs related to social service. It’s specifically designed to search jobs of all types (of course related to social service) like full-time jobs, events, internships, volunteering and you can also work with people and on different blogs.



10 Tips for Effective Job Hunting Strategy:

Choose the companies you would want to focus on

Choose as per your focus, your focus might be good money, or it might be the goodwill of the company that attracts you, or it might be the experience you drive out of a company as a fresher to achieve a good and a successful career.

It completely depends on your priority. Jot down at least 10 top companies you would want to work for. When you choose the company doesn’t forget to rank the company as per your preference of a company to work for.

Once you rank the companies simply give a reason behind the ranking. Jot down the advantages and disadvantages of working for the company. And yes it please pen everything down, as you would not want to forget your analyses.

Study about your target companies

Job portals and recruitment agencies

Create an appropriate CV. The CV that you create should be in accordance to the industry you would like to focus. To do the same you can go online to have a look at a few best resume patterns and modify or create your CV accordingly.

Make sure you put in relevant and correct information as the companies do cross check your information from relevant sources. Create a profile for yourself on job hunting portals with relevant information and also upload your CV on the portals.

Creating a profile and registering with job hunting portals will give you access to information about the jobs available in the companies. You can either use the portal to apply for the vacancies or you can directly apply through their websites.

Similarly, you can go to the recruitment firms to register with them as they have the companies both big and small as clients. After you register you must keep in touch with these firms to check on the availability of jobs.

Keep a track on your social networking

Along with your Whatsapp, Facebook, and Viber, you must make sure you create a few more accounts. These are with LinkedIn and twitter these sites are more towards professional social networking, where you have more of professional contacts than the simple social media.

Also, updates on new openings are shared on such social networking sites. The company HR also keeps a watch on you to know how active you are on such sites and how active are you socially. To keep yourself going make sure you are socially active.

Attend job fairs and keep a watch on new papers

Sometime back companies used to flash their vacancy advertisements in news papers for there was no internet access, rather the internet was still not that popular and useful those days; however today we have access to the internet as people are more tech-savvy and advanced which is quite good for the companies as internet educated people can go for job hunting easily online.

Keep your options open

Review a number of companies and collect data with regards to these companies and their work culture. When you are doing so make sure you do not miss out on other domains of work in your field and also make sure you do not miss out getting information about smaller companies.

Never say a direct no to these offers as you might have something better waiting for you. I am not asking you to take up something that is not relevant for you; however, you can simply take the offer and once you get home evaluate what you might gain out of it.

Prepare yourself for rejections

Now you need to have the courage of accepting a failure even in the corporate industry. Not necessarily are you going to be selected by the in your 1 st and 2 nd attempt? Maybe you need to have many more attempts to get through a decent company which is one of the few from your list.

Do not stop your job hunting with a few failures that you come across. Remember failures should only make you stronger in your job hunting and confidence because every interview gives you more experience.

Keep yourself updated with the world

Along with bookish knowledge, knowledge of the companies, of the industry, etc. keep yourself updated about the world. You must have basic knowledge about the world, what’s going on in the world, the market, etc. make sure you watch the news more on television than watching any other channel to keep yourself updated about the important things in the world.

Keep a set of questions ready

Now before you go in for an interview you need to make sure that you have a list of questions ready to ask the HR. now the list of questions should not have their answers on the internet as this will not strike an appropriate conversation between you and the HR or the managers.

So chose the list of questions appropriately so that you can use them to strike a balance and a conversation between the HR and you. This will confirm that you know quite a lot about the company and the industry and would want to learn more.







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