If you feel like your learning process could use some improvement, our college tips will definitely come in handy. Now you’re probably wondering who we are and how we’ll help you.

Trivia on Our Blog

There are myriad blogs dedicated to learning and writing in general, but most of the times, the articles aren’t written by “insiders”, to put it like this. What we mean by “insiders” is “students”.

The blogs aren’t owned by students, which can make a huge difference in the quality of the information provided on those blogs. We are a group of girls that attend the same college.

It was clear for us ever since the beginning that we had a bone to pick with the way we were “supposed to” learn. The old “read and underline with a sharpie” and then repeat. We’ve found it to be time-consuming and wildly ineffective.

We’ve decided to change it so our learning process would actually work in our favor, not against us, as it happens often. We also know that solidarity is absolutely indispensable when you’re in college.

This is the reason why we’ve decided to put this blog together and share our thoughts and experiences vis-à-vis the learning process 2.0 we’ve worked to theorize for a long time. We’ll share this knowledge with you on this blog.

Information You’ll Find Herein

We will give you tips on how to improve your learning process, so you can meet all deadlines and have time to enjoy yourself, too, once in a while. It’s important to learn and study fervently, of course, but it’s equally important to blow some steam.

That’s it, right there: a 15-second search and half of your problems already went away. The learning process is subsequently facilitated a great deal. We’ll post articles concerning our vision on a regular basis.

We will also engage in conversations and answer whatever questions you might have. Students need to stick together. It makes it much easier to cope with all the stress that comes as a package deal with being in college.

Being a student is harsh 90% of the time. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t certain things you can implement in your learning process to make it easier. You’ll learn everything you know by following our blog.

We will keep you updated on any new methods we come upon as we work on the new learning process we hope all students will give a chance to. Welcome and we hope you’ll enjoy our blog as much as we enjoy writing!